MycoVeda™ Energy 60 Capsules


Medical Ingredients Benefits:

Immediate stamina boost
Sustained, long-term endurance

Ingredients per serving (2 Capsules)

Cordyceps 750mg 4:1 (3000mg)
Ashwagandha 350mg 10:1 (3500mg)
Guarana 300mg 10:1 (3000mg)
NPN 80117923

Power up. Naturally.

Peak performance demands energy. Energy drinks may provide a short-term burst but the inevitable crash that follows make them unhealthy and, in the long-term, unwise. Try the natural, healthy solution that solves both the short-term energy need and the long-term endurance goal. It’s powerful, wholesome energy that you can feel. Minus the crash or other harmful effects.

Backed by Science

Cordyceps increases VO2 max, which represents maximum oxygen consumption during intense physical activity; it’s an excellent indicator for endurance and heart health. Cordyceps also has a strong anti-fatigue effect which increases time to exhaustion and shortens recovery time, an effect that builds up with continued use.

Guarana provides an immediate energy boost. It also has an anti-fatigue effect, by reducing perceived exertion and allowing for an increased capacity to take on physical stress.

Ashwagandha reduces stress by lowering serum cortisol levels. Trials have shown Ashwagandha to reduce muscle damage, post-exercise, by stabilizing serum creatine kinase.

Zero fillers

100% organic